David Boreanaz Net Worth: A Look Into David Boreanaz’s Millions

David Boreanaz is an American actor, producer and director who has starred in and television series and movies. He became famous for his roles in the drama series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. He is married to Jaime Bergman and the couple has two children. David Boreanaz was born on May 16, 1971 in Buffalo, New York. His mother Patti was a travel agent and his father Dave worked as a weather forecaster and for the children’s show “Rocketship 7.” The family moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania when David was seven years old. He attended Malvern Preparatory School where he was a star athlete on the school football team. He graduated from Ithaca College in upstate New York in 1991 with a degree in photography and cinema.

In 2015, David, several of his co-stars, executive producer Barry Josephson, and Kathy Reichs filed a suit against Fox. They claimed that the network was “cheating” them out of their fair share of the “Bones” profits. They were eventually awarded $179 million in damages. However, this settlement was voided. Later in 2019, both parties came to an agreement and the plaintiffs were awarded a “significant” settlement.

David Boreanaz Net Worth: A Look Into David Boreanaz’s Millions

Th Vampire Slayer and Angel actor is said to be worth over $30million. Reports say that he earns close to $250, 000 per episode in the television series.

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