IShowSpeed Real name, Age, Child and Net worth.


If you’re regular on Tiktok then you definitely know iShowSpeed and for those who do not know who iShowSpeed is then this article is for you. In this article we delve deep into the life of IShowSpeed, Speed or Speedy as he likes to be called.

IShowSpeed Real Name?

The name given to him at birth is Darren Watkins Jr. He is a Youtube star and a live streamer who recently gained popularity by streaming live video games and also talking to strangers on social media site Omegle. He is also a die hard fan of football player Cristriano Ronado and likes to put on the iconic number 7 shirt, making PSG star Lionel Messi his supposed enemy lol. IShowspeed was born in Cincinnati, Ohio in United States of America. It not quite clear as to whether he is still in high school or a dropout due to his presence on social media all the time.

IShowSpeed’s Age

speedy with a lamborghini

There are speculations that he was born on January 21, 2005 that means he is 17 years but contrary to that Speedy made a statement in a song he recently released that he’s actually 19 years. His birth date shows that iShowSpeed is definitely an Aquarius.

How Speedy Became Famous?

Speed started live streaming on Twitch where he started gaining recognition even though he had a Youtube account which he created in 2016. He later got banned on Twitch as a result of abusive reports leveled against him. He then decided to focus more on Youtube and that’s where the breakthrough came.

He has had a lot of juicy endorsements from well-known brands like psdunderwear and others. Aside being a live streamer Speedy is also has a clothing line called Ishowspeed Merch.

Due to his popularity he was invited to play a charity match which was between Sidemen and Youtube all stars in England in 2022 with the likes of KSI, Mr Beast and others gracing the occasion. He became the highlight of the match. The dude’s energy is very contagious.

Does Speedy Have a Child?


Being a public figure now means Speedy has to have all his stuff out there put no, he actually lives a low key lifestyle. However the internet sources were able to find out that the young Youtube star has a female child with her ex-girlfriend. This came out after there were rumors about him being gay.

Speed’s Net Worth?

With the kind of presence he has on social media and other streaming websites like Youtube. Speedy makes and estimated amount of $1.2 million yearly from all his streaming platforms. Clearly his lifestyle shows how he likes to live a simple life off social media unlike other stars who like to show off their wealth which sometimes create problems for themselves.


Was Speedy Arrested?


Yes the Youtube star was arrested on August 8, 2022 while on live stream at his residence. It’s still not clear why he was arrested by the Cincinnati police. Jake Lucky who is also a streamer was of the view that it could have been as a result of the prank call he made to the police officials during his live streaming. Jake wrote that on his Twitter handle.

FAQS On IShowSpeed

Ques 1: How old is IShowSpeed?

Ans: IShowSpeed is 17 years old(2022)

Ques 2: What is IShowSpeed’s height?

Ans: Speedy is 5ft 8inches.

Ques 3: Where does Speedy live?

Ans: He lives at Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

Ques 4: Does Speedy has a child?

Ans: Yes he has a daughter with his ex-girlfriend.

Ques 5: What is Speedy’s real name?

Ans: His real name is Darren Watkins.

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