Jared Keeso’s Ethnicity: Where Is Jared Keeso from?

Jared Keeso’s Ethnicity: Where Is Jared Keeso from?

Jared Keeso’s ethnicity is of pure white Caucasian descent. He is also speculated to have English, Scottish and German heritage. Ge to know more about his ethnicity from the paragraphs below.

Jared Keeso’s Ethnicity: Where Is Jared Keeso from?

The 39 year old Canadian actor is said to be of a pure white Caucasian background. His parents are Anne and Richard Keeso. His family tree includes Fern Fleet Thorndyke, Jared paternal grandmother and Harold J.B. Keeso was his paternal grandfather who first began the J.H. Keeso and Sons Sawmill which was destroyed in the late hours of 10th September, 2018.

Jared, who has won a Leo Award for Best Male Lead Performance in a Feature-Length Drama and a Gemini Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role in a Dramatic Mini-Series, was born in the township of Listowel where he had beautiful memories of being a junior hockey player.

Listowel, situated in Ontario, Canada is a place with a history. It became a town in 1875 but joined with other areas in 1998. In the latest count in 2021, about 9,539 people live there. 

Listowel is special for its past and traditions. Back in 1871, the Wellington, Grey and Bruce Railway made Listowel important for shipping things. There are old places in the town, like the Listowel Memorial Arena. 

This arena had to be rebuilt in 1959 after the roof fell, and sadly, some kids playing hockey n got hurt. The arena closed in 2017 after the Steve Kerr Memorial Complex was built.

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Jared Keeso’s Parents 

Jared’s parents are Anne and Richard Keeso. The Keeso family has a deep-rooted association with the Keeso Sawmill Company, established in 1872 where they both served as both owners and operators. Before venturing into acting, Jared Keeso actively participated in the day-to-day operations of the sawmill.

Jared Keeso’s Siblings 

The popular Canadian actor is a brother to two other siblings who are doing incredibly well in their respective fields. A brother known as Alan Keeso and a sister, Abigail Keeso. The Keeso siblings grew up playing hockey, their father was their coach.

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