Ray Liotta Obituary: What was his cause of death?

Ray Liotta was a renowned actor who was born in Newark, New Jersey, United States of America. He first came to the limelight for his role in the film, “Something Wild(1986)” which got him a Golden Globe Award nomination. So, I am certain most of you are wondering if Ray Liotta is dead. Well, read on to satisfy your curiosity.

Ray Liotta Obituary: What was his cause of death?

Born as Raymond Allen Liotta, the famous American actor is said to have died on the 26th of May, 2022 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. He was said to have suffered from respiratory issues. 

In an autopsy report released by Dominican officials, Ray passed away in his sleep while filming the movie, “Dangerous Waters”. The cause of his death was atherosclerotic disease, which is the build-up of fats, cholesterol and other substances in and on the artery walls. 

The officials also said he had pulmonary edema, a condition caused by too much fluid in the lungs, and heart and respiratory failure. As of his death on the 26th of May, 2022, he was 67 years old. 

Was Ray Liotta married?

The “Shoeless Joe Jackson” character in the 1990 film, “Field of Dream” was formerly married to a film producer, Michelle Grace in 1997. Their marriage lasted for seven years as they divorced in 2004. The reason for their divorce is unknown to the public.

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However, it is speculated that he was in a romantic relationship with his fiancée, Jacy Nittolo before his death. They got engaged during the Christmas festivities in 2020.

Did Ray Liotta have children?

The “Detective Gary Figgis” character in “Cop Land (1997)” has a child known as Karsen Liotta who was to Ray by his first wife, Michelle Grace on 21st December, 1998. She has taken the career of her father as she has featured in many films including, “Shades of Blue(2016)”, “Black Bird(2022)”, et cetera.

What was Ray Liotta’s last movie?

Raymond’s final and last movie before his death was “Dangerous Waters” which was shot in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

“Cocaine Bear”, “Fools Paradise”, “Black Bird” were some of his last movies till his death in 2022. 

Ray Liotta Net Worth 

The famous actor was worth a sum of fourteen million United States dollars as at the time of his death. His four decade acting career earned this net worth. His daughter inherited his fortune after his death.

It is worth noting to know that Ray was posthumously acknowledged on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in February, 2023 of which his daughter Karsen collected the recognition on his behalf.

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