Russell Mehta Ethnicity: What is Russell Mehta’s Ethnicity?

Russell Mehta Ethnicity: What is Russell Mehta’s Ethnicity?

Discover the heritage of Russell Mehta as we explore his ethnicity and its influence on his life and achievements.

Russell Mehta Ethnicity: What is Russell Mehta’s Ethnicity?

Russell Mehta, a prominent figure in the business world, nails from a culturally diverse background. He is an Indian entrepreneur and the managing director of Rosy Blue, one of the world’s largest diamond manufacturing and trading companies.

Russell Mehta’s cultural roots can be traced back to India. Specifically, he belongs to the Gujarati community, which is renowned for its entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen. The Gujarati community has a long history of involvement in International trade and commerce and Russell’s success in the diamond industry is a testament to this legacy.

Gujarat, the western Indian state from which the Gujarati community originates, has a rich cultural heritage. It is known for its vibrant festivals, traditional arts and crafts, and mouth-watering cuisine. These cultural elements contribute to Russell’s identity and may have influenced his outlook on business and life.

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Russell Mehta’s Age and Birthday

Arunbhai Mehta was born on the 20th of April, 1960 which falls under the Taurus astrology. As of 17th February, 2024, he is 63 years old.

Russell Mehta’s Educational Background

Russell holds a Bachelor of Commerce(B.Com) degree from the University of Mumbai, India. Aside from being the managing director of one of the world’s largest diamond jewellery companies, Rosy Blue, he also owns the retail brand, Orra.

He began his career in the diamond industry during the 1980s, working alongside his father and brothers in the family business.

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