Ryan Reynolds Siblings: Who Are They?

Ryan Reynolds’ siblings are three. Terry, Jeff and Patrick are elder brothers of the renowned actor. Get to know more about his three older siblings by reading the ensuing paragraphs.

Ryan Reynolds Siblings: Who Are They?

Jeff Reynolds is the eldest of the Reynolds siblings. He works in a law enforcement agency in British Columbia as his father, who was a Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer. Jeff stays out of the spotlight and not much is known about him.

Terry Reynolds is also into law enforcement, though it is not clear if he is with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police like Jeff or his father. He is rumoured to have a very intimate relationship with Ryan as evidenced by a recent chance encounter they had in New York City, which Ryan documented on his Instagram.

Patrick Reynolds is the least known of the Reynolds brothers. Heis an educationist who teaches third and fourth graders at Coyote Creek Elementary in British Columbia. He also has special artistic talents which differentiate him from other teachers.

Ryan enjoys an awesome relationship with his siblings as he once said in an interview that being the youngest of four boys has had a huge impact on every aspect of his life and has taught him how to be adaptable, quick and witty.

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Ryan Reynolds’ Businesses 

In addition to his acting prowess, Ryan has strategically branched into diverse business domains so as to leave a legacy. Below is a rundown of some of his prominent business ventures.

  • Maximum Effort Productions was established in 2018 and has produced many films like “Free Guy” and “The Adam Project”. It collaborates with Marvel Studios for Deadpool 3 and the independent production arms remain prominent after the sale of Reynolds’ marketing agency to MNTN in 2021.
  • Mint Mobile is a budget-friendly mobile carrier which Ryan holds a stake in. It is recognized for its clever marketing and transparent approach. T-Mobile’s acquisition of Mint Mobile in March 2023 for $1.35 billion adds to Reynolds’ business portfolio.
  • Nuvei: Reynolds invested in this Canadian fintech company in April 2023.

The People’s S#xist Man used to have shares in Aviation Gin but he sold his stake to Diageo for an impressive $610 million. He is also the co-founder of Wrexham AFC which he collaborated with actor Rob McElhinney to acquire. The Emmy Award-winning series, “Welcome to Wrexham” documented their journey and the club achieved promotion to a higher league under their ownership.

The “Deadpool” actor also has investments in many startups and companies like Wealthsimple and 1Password.

Ryan Reynolds’ Parents

The influential actor’s parents are James Chester Reynolds, a former Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman and Tammy Chester Reynolds, a retail seller.

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