Shyla Walker’s Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Family & Net Worth

Shyla Walker is an American social media influencer and star. She is also a fashion enthusiast, and entrepreneur and model from California on the United State. She is the ex-girlfriend of the boxer and also youtube star, Landon McBroom. The couple have a daughter together.

Shyla Walker Bio

Shyla Walker was born in Los Angeles, California in the United State of America. She was born on October 1997 to Stacie Jennifer, her mother. She hasn’t disclosed the name of her biological father. Her mother is a caring and loving mother. She graduated from a private school in her hometown. She has two siblings, Shanice Walker and Reuben Chavez whom she grew up with in California.

Shyla started her career at a young age as Instagram star. Due to her talent, she gained a massive fan following on her profiles. She also worked in the fashion and modeling sector for a while before starting her vlog on YouTube. She has again gained a huge fan following on the channel is as a result of this is getting a lot of endorsement and advertising gigs. Apart from this, she is also famous on TikTok.

Shyla Walker Age, Birthday, Zodiac sign

Miss Walker was born on October 14, 1997 making her almost 26years as of 2023. Her zodiac sign is the Libra.

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Shyla Walker Height

Shyla Walker stands at a height of about 5 ft 6 inches (168 cm tall) and also has a body mass of about 55 kg.

What is Shyla Walker famous for?

Shyla is famous for her volgs and also for creating a YouTube channel, L&S with her then boyfriend, Landon. She is also famous for her fashion and model sense.

Shyla Walker Siblings

Shyla Walker is reported to have two siblings, an elder sister, Shanice Walker and a younger brother, Ruben Westside Chavez whom she grew up with. Shanice Walker was a social media influencer and per reports, she died in 2021 of brain damage.

Shyla Walker Boyfriend

Shyla Walker, in 2016, she started dating Landon McBroom after the two originally met via Twitter. Landon is a youtuber and a boxer. He is also the brother of the NBA player Austin McBroom. The two gave birth to their first child in 2019 but separated in 2020 when Shyla filed for a restraining order on Landon. She alleged that Landon abused her physically and also tried to kidnap their child. 

Shyla and Landon
Shyla Walker Children

Shyla Walker has a daughter called Souline McBroom. She had her with her ex-boyfriend Landon McBroom whiles they were together. Souline was born in December 2019.

Shyla Walker Net Worth

Shyla’s net worth estimated to be about $3 to $4 million. Her main source of income is as a result of endorsement deals and also from vlogging on social media.

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