Suge Knight Bio, Age, Siblings, Wiki, Net Worth, Wife, Children, Height

Suge Knight Bio, Age, Siblings, Wiki, Net Worth, Wife, Children, Height

Suge Knight is a well known former music executive and record producer of the Death Row Records. He has been a great help in the West Coast hip-hop scene during the 1990s.

Suge Knight Bio

Born as Marion Hugh “Suge” Knight Junior, he helped launch famous artists such as Dr. Dre, Tupac Shakur and Snoop Dogg into fame.

“Suge” as he is often referred to is a childhood nickname which means “Sugar Bear”. As a teenager, he was a footballer at the Lynwood High School where he was said to have been related with a fraternity known as Mob Piru Bloods.

After college at University of Nevada, Las Vegas, he worked as a security guard and bodyguard for famous people like Bobby Brown, Run -D.M.C and The Sugarhill Gang. He started Death Row Records with Dr. Dre, who used to be part of the N.W.A group. Death Row Records became a very successful hip-hop label, and Knight became a powerful person in the music industry.

He was known for using violence and intimidation to get what he wanted. He got into many lawsuits and was accused of being connected to gang violence. In 1996, he was shot six times during a fight at a nightclub in Las Vegas.

Suge Knight’s Age

He was born on the 19th April, 1965 in Compton, California to Maxine Chatman and Marion Knight Senior. As of 2023, he is 58 years old.

Suge Knight’s Height

The legendary record producer is reported to stand at a height of six feet, two inches which is approximately 1.88 metres.

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What is Suge Knight famous for?

Suge Knight is famous for the role he played in the West Coast hip-hop scene during the 1990s. He helped popularise gangsta rap and was a ruthless businessman.

He was best known as a music executive and co-founder of the Death Row Records which has produced over 170 songs. The Death Row Records is among the most influential hip-hop labels of all time. It has helped usher Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Tupac Shakur and many others into prominence. “Dr. Dre’s The Chronic, Snoop Dogg’s D#ggystyle, Tupac Shakur’s All Eyez on Me, Nat Dogg’s G-Funk Classics, Volume 1” are all products of Death Row Records.

Suge Knight’s music career has never been the same after the bankruptcy of Death Row Records due to the deaths of the Record’s most influential artists, Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G. He sold the label to Entertainment One due to its bankruptcy.

Suge Knight’s Wife

The well known music producer has been married twice. First to Sharita Golden on the 3rd of November, 1989 and divorced in 1996. He later got married to Michel’le Denise Toussant and they were married till his confinement in 2015. 

Suge Knight’s Children

Suge is the father to seven children. Taj Knight, Jacob Knight, Posh Knight,  Andrew Knight, Bailei Knight, Sosa Knight and Legend Knight. All his children are doing well for themselves.

Where is Suge Knight right now?

Knight is currently in prison serving a 28 year sentence for a hit-and-run incident that resulted in the victim’s death. He was convicted of voluntary manslaughter in 2015 and sentenced in 2018.

Where is Suge Knight? 

He is presently at the Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility in San Diego, California where he is serving his 28 year sentence for a hit and run incident that happened in 2015.

Suge Knight’s Net Worth

He was rumoured to be worth an average of $200 million at the peak of his career. Presently, his net worth is unknown as it is speculated that he used all his net worth to fight his legal and financial issues. He faced legal troubles, including lawsuits and bankruptcy of Death Row Records.

NameMarion Hugh “Suge” Knight Junior
Date of Birth19th April, 1965 (58 years old)
Place of BirthCompton, California, United States of America 
Zodiac SignAries
Height1.88 metres
ParentsMarion Knight Sr. and Maxine Chatman
Spouse(s)Sharita Golden and Michel’le Denise Toussant
ChildrenSeven: Taj Knight, Jacob Knight, Posh Knight,  Andrew Knight, Bailei Knight, Sosa Knight and Legend Knight
SiblingsCharlinda Tubbs, Karen Anderson
CareerRecord Executive and former CEO of Death Row Records

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