Timothy Simons wife: Meet Annie Simons

Annie Simons is the wife of Timothy Simons the American Comedian. They’ve been married since 2008. Annie Simons and Timothy Simons have two kids together. Annie is also an actress and film director who is known for Nothing But the Truth (2008)Kickin’ It (2011) and Bella and the Bulldogs (2015).

Annie Simons Bio

Annie Simons has two children together with Timothy Simons. As of now, she has kept most of her biodata private which includes height, age, parents and personal income.

What does Annie Simons do for a living?

Annie Simons is a celebrity, film director and actress.

How long have Annie Simons and Timothy been together?

Annie Simons and Timothy have been together since 2008. They have been married for 15 years.

Annie Simons Children

Marty and Hopper Simons are the kids of Annie Simons

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