Tom Selleck’s Children: Meet Hannah Margaret Selleck and Kevin Selleck

Tom Selleck’s Children: Meet Hannah Margaret Selleck and Kevin Selleck

Tom Selleck’s children are two. They are Hannah Margaret Selleck and Kevin Selleck.

Who is Tom Selleck?

Tom Selleck is an American actor and producer known for his roles in television and film.He was born on the 29th January, 1945 in Detroit, Michigan. He is an alumnae of the University of Southern California.

He gained widespread fame for his role of a private investigator, “Thomas Magnum” in the television series, “Magnum, P.I.”, which aired from 1980 to 1988. He is also known for his role as Frank Reagan, the police commissioner, in the long-running television series, “Blue Bloods”, which began in 2010. Aside from his television work, Tom has appeared in many movies, including “Three Men and a Baby” and its sequel, “Quigley Down Under” and the “Runaway”. He has been a renowned figure in the entertainment industry for several decades.

For his role in “Magnum, P.I.”, he received five Emmy Award nominations for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series. He won it in 1985.

He has also featured in movies such as, “Lassiter(1984)”, “Friends(1994-1997)”, Las Vegas (2003-2008)” and several others. He is also a successful businessman with a clothing line and home furnishings.

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How many children does Tom Selleck have?

Tom is married and has two children. They are Hannah Margaret Selleck and Kevin Selleck.

Tom Selleck’s Children: Hannah Margaret Selleck

Hannah Margaret Selleck was born in 1988 and is Tom’s daughter from his second marriage to Jillie Mack. Hannah loves riding horseback hence she is an equestrian. Equestrian is a person who participates in or is involved in horseback riding and competes in various equestrian disciplines like show jumping, dressage, eventing, rodeo and many more. Hannah has competed in several high-level events.

She is a very private person hence not much is known about her.

Tom Selleck’s Children: Kevin Selleck

Kevin Selleck was born in 1966 and he is Tom’s adopted son from his first marriage to Jacqueline Ray. Kevin is known to be a drummer. He keeps a low profile hence not much is known about him.


Who is Tom Selleck’s first wife?

Tom Selleck’s first wife was Jacqueline Ray. They met in the early 1970s and were married for eleven years. They had one child together, Kevin Selleck who was born in 1966. Kevin is Tom’s adopted son from Jacqueline Ray’s previous marriage.

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