What Is Rihanna's Ethnicity?

Rihanna, the famous pop star from Barbados, has a diverse family background. Take a closer look at her background, discover the influences that shaped her and appreciate her diverse identity that goes beyond her music career.

What Is Rihanna’s Ethnicity?

Robyn Rihanna Fenty is from an Afro-Guyanese lineage courtesy of her mother, Monica Braithwaite. She has a mix of African, Irish, English’s nd Scottish roots via her father, Ronald Fenty. She has a unique heritage.

Her Afro-Guyanese side brings in traditions from Guyana while her Barbadian roots are all about the energetic Caribbean lifestyle.

Rihanna’s diverse ethnicity makes her a global icon with a unique identity. Her music and fashion appeal to people worldwide, inspired by the rich mix of her background 

Despite her diversity, she continues to break boundaries and redefine standards in the entertainment industry.

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Rihanna’s Parents 

Rihanna’s parents, Ronald Fenty and Monica Braithwaite, played pivotal roles in shaping the superstar’s life. Ronald of Barbadian descent was a businessman who faced challenges with drug addiction. Monica Braithwaite, with Afro-Guyanese roots, worked as a teacher.

The couple got divorced when Rihanna was a teenager and their separation had a significant impact on her early years. 

Ronald’s struggles with drug and alcohol addiction created difficulties for the family. However, after Ronald sought recovery, Rihanna and her father began rebuilding their relationship. In interviews, Rihanna has expressed admiration for her father, even calling him the “coolest person on the planet”.

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