Whitney Scott Mathers: All about Eminem’s third daughter

Whitney Scott Mathers is one of the three daughters of popular American rapper, Eminem. Whitney is the biological daughter of Eminem’s e-wife, Kimberly, from her relationship with another man.

Whitney Scott Mathers Biography

Whitney Scott Mathers was born on April 16, 2002. She is the daughter of Kim Scott and her oyfriend, Eric Harter. She was legally adopted in 2005 by Eminem and she lives currently with him and her other sisters in Michigan. Whitney was born St. Joseph, Missouri in the United States of America. She was adopted by the rapper due to the unavailability of her biological parents for her. Her father was a professonal tattoo artist and a drug addict, same as her mother. They were both either running from the law or getting doctors appointments. Eminem having a rough childhood, then decided to adopt Whitney and give her a better life.

Whitney Scott Mathers Age

Whitney Mathers will turn 21 years in April. She has Aries as her zodiac sign.

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Whitney Scott Mathers Height

The youngest daughter of Eminem stands at a height of 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighs about 49kg.

Whitney Scott Mathers Parents

Whitney Scott was born to Kimberly Scott and Eric Harter. Kim Scott is the former wife of the rapper, Eminem. Kim had Eric Harter were rumored to be dating even when she was married to the rapper.

Whitney Scott Mathers Siblings

Whitney has two other siblings, Alaina and Hailie. She is the second adopted daughter of the rapper and his former wife with Alaina being the first adopted and Hailie being their biological daughter.

Whitney Scott Mathers Net Worth

Whitney Scott Mathers, with her influence on social media and having over 70K followers across media platforms, has a networth of over $1million.

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