Andy Truschinski is noted for his works such as 21 Bridges (2019), The Root of Happiness (2017), and Bullets to Books (2020).

Andy Truschinski Bio

Andy Truschinski is an actor and director who played the role of Roger in Conundrum. He has worked as a producer, writer and director for the movie The Root of Happiness. He is the husband of Jessie Muller and their relationship is strong in each passing day.

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Andy Truschinski Height

Andy Truschinski is about 5’11” / 180cm tall.

Where is Andy Truschinski from?

Andy Truschinski is a proud Wisconsin native.

What does Andy Truschinski do for a living ?

Andy Truschinski is an actor and director.

How long have Andy Truschinski and Jessie been together?  

Producer Andy Truschinski and wife have been together since 2009.

How many children do Andy Truschinski and Jessie?

Andy Truschinski and Jessie have not revealed any information indicating whether they have children or not.

Andy Truschinski Net Worth

The movie producer and actor has chosen to keep his net worth private.

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