Where Are Alan And Betty Gore's Children Now?

Discover the current whereabouts of Alan and Betty Gore’s children, Alisa and Bethany. Learn more about their lives after their parents’ divorce, their relationships with their parents and where they are now.

Who are Alan and Betty Gore?

In 1980, Alan and Betty Gore found themselves entangled in a notorious murder case. Betty was tragically killed in a brutal incident at her residence which attracted the media platforms.

Alan Gore was initially convicted of the crime but was later acquitted as he was in St. Paul, Minnesota for business when the crime occurred in Wylie, Texas.

The case garnered extensive coverage through books, documentaries and television shows. 

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The History of Alan And Betty Gore

Alan and Betty Gore lived in a small town near Dallas, Texas. Allan worked for a major electronics conglomerate and was also a defence constructor while Betty was a school teacher. They have two daughters, Alisa and Bethany. Their marriage was not a happy one as they didn’t have much intimacy and Betty was dissatisfied with Allan’s frequent work-related travels.

In 1978, when Betty wanted another baby, she and Allan planned it very carefully but it lacked warmth. Betty’s friend, Candy Montgomery, asked Allan if he wanted to have an affair and they did. Betty found out and confronted Candy. In a shocking event, Candy hit Betty 41 times with an axe. Even though Candy was taken to court, she was not found guilty of murder which resulted in her going scout-free.

After his wife’s murder, Allan Gore remarried Elaine Clift and moved from While with his daughters. The marriage ended in divorce and Allan lost custody of his children in 1988. They went to live with Betty’s parents, Bertha and Bob Pomeroy. Allan is currently retired and resides in Sarasota, Florida. 

Where are Alan and Betty Gore’s Children Now? 

Alan and Betty Gore share two children, Alisa(Lisa) and Bethany. Following their parents’ divorce, custody shifted to Betty, and the children went to live with Betty’s parents. 

Current details indicate that Alisa resides in Kansas with her husband, John Harder, and their two sons, Sam and Jacob while Bethany Gore is a graduate of Wichita State University.

Over, it appears that the relationship between Alan and his chosen has improved, as it is evident in their Facebook friendship and public interactions.

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