Clarence Avant children: Meet Nicole Avant and Alexander Devore Avant

Clarence Avant, is an American music executive, film producer and entrepreneur He has been featured as a producer on several great music and movies. He was awarded the Trustees Award in February 2008 by the National Association of Recording Arts and Science. Clarence was honored on October 7, 2016, with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame,  for his enormous contributions in the recording industry. He also received the President’s Merit Award as a Grammy Icon at the Clive Davis, Pre Grammy Gala in Los Angeles. He was married to Jacqueline Avant in 1967. She was murdered in a robbery at her residence. The couple have birth to two children.

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Clarence Avant children: Meet Nicole Avant and Alexander Devore Avant

Nicole Avant is a successful political activist and producer. She was born on March 6, 1968, making her 55 year presently. She is the brother of Alexander Avant.

Nicole Avant was the United States Ambassador to the Bahamas from 2009 to 2011 during the regime of President Barack Obama. She graduated from Beverly Hill High school in 1986 and from California State University, Northridge, with. B. A in communication in 1990. She started her career working at the promotion division of A&M Records in Los Angeles. Nicole was named Vice president of Interior Music Publishing in 1988. The company belonged to her father. Nicole Avant was the Southern California finance Co-chairwoman for the Barack Obama 2008 presidential campaign whiles her father was fundraising for Hillary Clinton.

In 2019, she produced the documentary that was centered on her father, The Black godfather. She is married to the Co-CEO of Netflix and so the film was easily distributed. She was awarded the International award at the 20th Annual Trumpet Award in 2012. Nicole has a Networth of over $5 million. She has two children with her husband, Ted Sarandos.

Alexander Devore Avant is best known for being the son of the famous music executive and film producer, Clarence Avant. Alexander is a an actor and music producer. In 2006, he played the role Ben in the television series, Courting Alex. Also in 2012, he appeared in the movie Gallowwalkers as Fort Bold. He has over 20K followers on social media.

Alexander Devore Avant was born on 3rd August, 1971. He was born in Los Angeles, California in the United States where he had most of his education in his community, even though the names of the institutions are unknown. He became known at very tender age when he often escorted his father, Clarence Avant to music events and shows. He was his fathers hand bag since he followed him everywhere he went. Alexander has a networth estimated to be $1 million.

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