Cody Ko Biography: Age, Height, Siblings, Girlfriend, Parents & Net Worth

Cody Ko is a Candian YouTube, Rapper, comedian, podcaster and vine sensation who created the viral hashtag #6secondauditions and went on to became extremely popular on YouTube, where his comedy videos have earned him over 5 milion subscribers. He is also one-half of the Tiny Meat Gang duo. Cody’s style of content is often considered to be crude comedic and profane.

Cody Ko Biography

Cody Michael Kolodziejzyk popularly known in showbiz as Cody Ko, was born in Calgary, Alberta in the United States of America. He was born to Helen Kolodziejzyk and Greg Kolodziejzyk. He has a sister being her only sibling. Cody has quite a small and simple nuclear family. Although Cody Ko was born to Christian parents, he rarely talks about God since he does not seem to have a firm belief in his religion.

In March 2012, while a senior, Cody began to develop the photo-sharing mobile app, which automatically added meme-like captions to images. It went viral and was the App Store’s Free iOS App Of The Week in May, amassing over four million users in four months. Cody wanted to join a startup and continue developing apps.

Mr. Cody first began uploading to Vine, a six-second video platform, in 2013. He partnered with the now-defunct multi-channel networkFullscreen, with Mahzad Babayan becoming his full-time talent manager. Cody also collaborated with comedian Hannibal Buress to promote Buress’ Comedy Central show “Why? with Hannibal Buress ” in 2015. By November of that same year, he had almost two million followers on his platform.

Kolodziejzyk and his friend, Miller, became popular on YouTube with their series That’s Cringe, hosted on Kolodziejzyk’s channel, where the two react to content they consider dumb. That’s Cringe has over 153 million combined views and makes up most of his channel’s most popular videos. In a June 2021 interview, Kolodziejzyk said he intended to develop a media network from the Tiny Meat Gang Podcast he and Miller co-founded. Tiny Meat Gang Studios, a comedy podcast network, in October 2021. The company currently has seven podcasts, including the flagship Tiny Meat Gang Podcast and Insanely Chill

Cody Ko Age, Birthday, Zodiac sign

Cody Michael Kolodziejzyk was born on born 22 November 1990, making him 33 years presently. His zodiac is Sagittarius.

Cody Ko Height

The YouTube star and Podcaster stands at a height of 5 feet 8inches or 1. 75m tall

Cody Ko Parents

Mr. Ko was born to Greg Kolodziejzyk and Helen Kolodziejzyk. His father who was born in 1961 in British Colombia, where he layer moved to Calgary when he was only five years old. He settled in the Alberta province where he got the limelight for his remarkable record for the largest marathon run by a human in 24 hours. Greg also won many other awards and recognitions for his profession as a cyclist. Before he eventually entered into cycling and running, he was an entrepreneur who used to run a software with his wife, Helen.

Helen, on the other hand was a business tycoon and worked as a CEO for her husband’s company. She later became a housewife when Greg sold the company. Helen found interest in athletic activities. She is very close to her son Cody and is often seen in some of his videos.

Cody Ko and Greg Kolodziejzyk

Cody Ko Siblings

Cody Ko is reported to have only one younger sister. She was also born and raised in the Calgary City of Alberta, Canada.

For her early education she went to Springbank Community High School and is currently running a podcast on diet and nutrition. Cody Ko’s sister is said to have been in a romantic relationship with Paul Dicesare.

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Cody Ko Girlfriend

Cody Ko is married to Kelsey Kreppel after four years of dating.The two got engaged on December, 2021 and eventually married on 4th February, 2023.

Does Cody Ko have kids?

Cody Ko and his wife, Kelsey Kreppel have been blessed with a son, Emma Chamberlain according to

Cody Ko Net Worth

The YouTube star and Podcaster is reported to have an estimated Networth of over $2million.

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