Peter Nygård’s children: How many children does Peter Nygård have?

Peter Nygard’s children are ten. They are Bianca, Alia, Scarlet, Trey, Mika, Jessar, Kai Zen, Xar and two others who are quite unknown.

Peter Nygård is a well known Finnish Canadian fashion designer known for being the mastermind behind Nygård International Fashion company. He was born as Pekka Juhani Nygård by Finnish parents, Eeli and Hilkka Nygård on the 24th of July, 1941 in Helsinki, Finland.

He has abused his fame as a renowned fashion designer by involving in long term s#x trafficking, r#pe and racketeering which has finally ended him in jail.

Peter Nygård’s children: How many children does Peter Nygård have?

The popular business mogul has ten children. They are Bianca Nygård, Kai Zen Bickle, Jessar Nygård, Scarlet Nygård, Mika Nygård, Alia Nygård, Trey Nygård, and Xar Nygård. The last two children seem to keep low profiles hence their identity isn’t  known for now. In the ensuing paragraphs, you will get to know more details about each child of Peter Nygård mentioned above.

Bianca Nygård is the eldest among her father’s children. She took after her father in terms of career. She is a fashion designer, entrepreneur and owner of Bianca Nygård’s Clothings. She was born in 1976 hence she is presently 47 years old. She is rumoured to have been married before with two adorable children.

Kai Zen Bickle is a Voice of the Voiceless Award winner. He has said that when he found out about his father’s atrocities, it broke his heart. Instead of fighting for his father, he decided to take the sides of those his father abused. He helped the police in putting his father behind bars. His father had him with Patricia Bickle. Currently, he is working as a social worker. Not much is known about him as he lives a private life.

Jessar Nygård is a 35 year old son of fashion mogul, Peter Nygård. He is a Producer, Cinematographer, Editor who works at JZN Productions. He also does Photo shoots, fashion shows and many other media related activities. He is a graduate of Huntington Beach High School and Los Angeles Film School.

Scarlet Nygård is one of Peter Nygård’s daughters. Not much is known about her as she lives a very private life away from the media.

Mika Nygård is the child of Peter Nygård and Finnish-Canadian aircraft steward, Kaarina Pakka. He is a Solution owner and Tempering at Glaston Corporation. Not much is known about him aside from these.

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Alia Nygård, Peter Nygård’s daughter, is married to Derek Daneault. She works for her father’s company, Nygård International.

Trey Nygård, son of one of the most prominent fashion executives, Peter Nygård helped his mum, Beverly Peele get the justice due her as his father s#xually assaulted her which led to his birth. He encouraged the mother to voice it out to the public. He changed his surname from Nygård to his mum’s Peele.

Xar Nygård is also one of the fashion magnate’s children. Not much is known about him as he is underaged.

Who is the mother of Peter Nygård’s children?

Peter had ten children with eight different women. They are: Bianca, Alia, Scarlet, Trey, Jessar, Mika, Kai Zen, Xar and two unnamed children.

The mothers of Nygård’s children include Patricia Bickle, the mother of Alia, Bianca and Kai. Angelica Szczepaniak is the mother of Scarlet while Beverly Peele is the mother of Trey. Mika’s mother is Kaarina Pakka, a former Aircraft steward. The mother of the rest of the children are unknown for now.

Patricia Bickle was Nygård’s longest term partner and bore him three children. She has been described as a key figure in Nygård’s life and business.

Angelica is a former model who met Nygård in the 1980s. She is the mother of Scarlet who has spoken out about her alleged abuse by her father. Beverly Peele is a supermodel who met Nygård in the 1990s. She is the mother of Trey.

Nygård’s children have stayed out of the spotlight but some of them have spoken out about their father’s alleged abuse.

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