Peter Nygård’s siblings: Meet Pirjo-Liisa Nygård Johnson

Peter Nygård’s siblings: Meet Pirjo-Liisa Nygård Johnson

Peter Nygård’s siblings were Pirjo-Liisa Nygård Johnson who was the only sister he had.

Who is Pirjo-Liisa Nygård Johnson?

Pirjo-Liisa Nygård Johnson was business mogul and Fashion director, Peter Nygård’s only sister. She was born on the 31st of October, 1942 in Helsinki, Finland to the late Eeli and Hilkka Nygard. She died at the age of 77 years after a long fight with breast cancer on the 20th of January, 2020.

During her time at Norberry Junior High School in 1959, she served as the Vice-President of the student body. She graduated from Glenlawn Collegiate and received the Abraham Wolch Memorial trophy for her excellent performance in Home Economics.

She attended the University of North Dakota, where her brother also studied, and majored in speech correction. She graduated with a Diploma in Teaching. After finishing college, Liisa briefly worked at the Great West Life Assurance Company. Following her diploma education, she worked as a speech therapist for a while.

In 1975, together with her first husband, Russel whom she married while in college, she started her own company called Pirjo-Liisa Fashions, which offered a unique way of shopping while helping customers save money.

Her friend and former employee, Bobbie Riley shared his condolence on the Winnipeg Free Pages Passages. He said, “My relationship with Liisa began when she hired me to be part of her sales team in her new business, Pirjo Liisa Fashions. It was direct home sales, or home dress parties back in the day. Liisa managed to run her business with four children. She did the buying, training the team of fashion consultants, and was a wonderful lady to work with and for. She gave me the foundation in both sales and fashions that enabled me to later work for her brother, Peter at Nygård International. I offer sincere condolences to her children, grandchildren, and brother, Peter. She was such a brilliant hard working woman and I feel honoured to have had the opportunity to share a piece of her life with her.”

She was a dogged business woman as she was named Woman of the Year In Business in Manitoba in 1981 which later opened so many doors to her.

She was in the gymnastics community to help support her daughter, Allison, who later made her have affection for gymnastics. She became a judge after she trained as a National level 2 Judge. From her judge, she slowly climbed the ladder of being the Chairman of the Canadian National Gymnastics and Trampoline Sports Championships in 1987.

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Where is Pirjo-Liisa Nygård Johnson?

Pirjo-Liisa Nygård Johnson is dead. She is no more part of the world of the living. Her remains which were cremated were buried at the St. Vital Cemetery in Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada.

When did Pirjo-Liisa Nygård Johnson die?

She died on the 20th January, 2020 at the age of 77 after fighting breast cancer for years at the Misericordia Health Centre. On the day of her death, she was surrounded by friends and family which made her transition to the other world a peaceful one.

Was Pirjo-Liisa Nygård Johnson married?

Pirjo-Liisa first married Russel Nichol, her college sweetheart in 1965 with whom she had four children; Allison, Angela, David and Kris. Their marriage did not last as they went their separate ways peacefully in the 1980s.

She later met her second husband, Dennis Johnson, who was the owner of D-Jay’s Restaurant Ichabod’s Lounge & Patio in the fall of 1992. They got married two years later in 1994. They spent good times together and made some beautiful memories till Dennis died in 2013.

Pirjo-Liisa Nygård Johnson’s children

Peter Nygård’s late sister had four children with her first husband, Russels. They are Angela, David, Kris and Allison whom she often spent many hours watching her participate in gymnastics and She was a stepmother to Rob Heather John.

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