Who Is Doja Cat Dating? Everything You Need To Know

Who Is Doja Cat Dating? Everything You Need To Know

Doja Cat is speculated to be dating comedian Jeffrey “J”. Cyrus as they were seen together on a vacation in Cabo. 

Who Is Doja Cat Dating? Everything You Need To Know

Doja cat was rumoured to be dating comedian Jeffrey “J.” Cyrus in November 2022. The reason was that they were seen together on a vacation in Cabo. They were also seen kissing. However, the duo haven’t confirmed or rejected this rumour yet.

Doja Cat’s Dating History

Doja Cat was in a relationship with American singer and songwriter, Johnny Utah. Her relationship with him was Doja’s most known relationship. They met in 2019 via social media and started dating shortly after they met. They collaborated on the song, “Anything You Want” in 2020. Unfortunately, their relationship didn’t last as they broke up in 2020 over an unknown reason.

In July 2021, she was rumoured to be in a bis#xsual relationship with UK based Ghanaian rapper, Bree Runway but it was not confirmed. The duo play around on social media a lot.

The “Say So” singer was also rumoured to have been dating Lil Dicky when she was featured on his show.

French Montana, was also speculated to be in a relationship with Doja Cat when they were seen on a yacht while on vacation together. 

She is currently being rumored to be dating comedian cum musician, J Cyrus.

Who Is J. Cyrus?

Born as Jeffrey Cyrus, “J” Cyrus is the speculated boyfriend of Hot Pink singer, Doja Cat. He is a graduate of broadcast journalism from the Middle Tennessee State University. 

He had worked on several platforms so as to gain influence and earn from them till he had his major breakthrough on a popular live platform known as Twitch which is used for broadcasting and watching video game content. It allows streamers to live stream themselves playing video games, chatting with viewers and creating diverse kinds of content.

He creates skits, comedy shorts and posts them on TikTok and other social media platforms. He has a massive following on YouTube, TikTok and Instagram. He became a musician when he launched an album titled “Sober” where he shared his experience of not taking alcohol for over eight years. He has been accused of harassment, emotional abuse and racism.

Where Is J. Cyrus from?

He was born in Louisiana hence he is from Louisiana though he was brought up in New Orleans. 

What Is J. Cyrus Famous For?

J. Cyrus is best known for his song, “Sober” which he launched in 2017 and for his comedy skits and rap videos. He gained fame when his content went viral on Vine, a short form video hosting service that allowed users to create and share six-second looping video clips. It became popular for its creative and humorous contents. Vine is no more onsite as it was discontinued in 2017.

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J. Cyrus Tiktok and Twitch

Doja Cat’s speculated boyfriend has a massive following on TikTok and Twitch where he shares his comedic contents.

He often has over 48.1 million views on his TikTok contents  and over 37.6K followers on Twitch.

J. Cyrus Social Media

The top Twitch streamer is followed by over 37.6K followers on Twitch, 706.9K followers on TikTok,  55.9K followers on YouTube and 163.9K followers on Instagram.

Doja Cat’s Road To Success

Her road to success has been achieved by hard work, talent, focus and dedication. She started making songs at the age of 11, and posted her songs on SoundCloud at the age of 14. Her first EP, Purrr! ushered her into the music world. 

She has gone on to release five albums, “Amala, Hot Pink, Planet Her”, etc and over 18 singles including, “Purrr!, Kiss Me More, Say So”, just to mention a few.

She has won many awards including a Grammy Award for Best Rap/Sung Performance for her song, “Kiss Me More” which she sang with SZA.

Doja Cat Social Media

Doja Cat has a thriving social media presence. She has a massive following on the various social media platforms which often helps boost her music publicity. She has over 24 million followers on Instagram, over 25 million subscribers on YouTube, 13 million followers on TikTok, and 3.5 million followers on SoundCloud, where it all began. 

Doja Cat Net Worth

The “Kiss Me More” singer is speculated to have an approximate net worth of $16 million. She accumulated this sum from her endorsement deals, merchandise sales, touring and music.

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