Yoko Ono’s Ethnicity

Yoko is a Japanese artist, singer, songwriter and peace activist. She was born and raised in Tokyo, the capital of Japan. Her ethnicity is said to be Japanese.

Brief Intro

Yoko Ono was a Japanese artist who was born in Tokyo, the capital of Japan. She was born into a wealthy family in Japan and spent her early life in Tokyo. She was sent to a good school for better education. She was good in writing poetries and plays. She gained a classical training in piano and voice. 

Yoko Ono’s Biography

Yoko Ono’s father, Eisuke Ono was the descendant of the 9th-century emperor of Japan. Her mother, Isoko Yasuda Ono was the granddaughter of Zenijiro Yasuda who is the founder of Yasuda Bank. 

In 1952, Oyoko Ono was the first noblewoman admitted to the Gakushúin University in Tokyo. She joined her family in New York City in the United States of America after spending about a year in the school. When she arrived in the States, she studied writing and music at Sarah Lawrence College, in New York but she never graduated. 

She was sent to school, where she met Emperor Hirohito’s two sons. 

The boys were separated from the girls but, Yoshi who is Emperor Horito’s son visited Yoko Ono anytime by breaking the rules. 

Later, she went to New York with her parents and started schooling at Sarah Lawrence College, where she began to learn music and English language. She met her first husband, Toshi Ichiyanagi and got married to him. 

Yoko Ono and her friend La Monte Younge were able to stage the legendary loft events on Chambers Street. She helped John Cage in his career by providing the loft and his grand-breaking classes of experimental music.

She started her music career and was able to collaborate with artists like George Maciunas, Nam June Paik and Fluxus.

Later on, she stayed away from her parents and was leaving on her own. She was working as a waitress and an apartment manager. She was also teaching music in public schools in New York.

She seperated from Toshi Ichiyanagi in 1962. She visited her parents and returned to Japan. After her arrival in Japan, she started suffering from clinical depression and was locked up in a mental hospital in Tokyo. 

Anthony Cox went to her aid and saved her from what she was going through. They married in Tokyo and had a daughter a year later. The name of their daughter is Kyoko Chan Cox. Kyoko was born on Saturday, August 3, 1963. They separated in 1964 and Anthony Cox returned to New York, United States of America. Yoko joined him later in the same year with Kyoko. 

Yoko Ono’s Family

Yoko Ono has two children and they are Kyoko Chan Cox and Sean Taro Lennon. Her siblings are also said to be Keisuke Ono and Setsuko Ono.

Yoko Ono’s Achievements

Yoko Ono was able to achieve a lot in her career. In 1982, she had a Grammy Award for Album of the Year. In 2001, she bagged a Grammy Award for Best Music Film. In 2010, she bagged the Glamour Award for Outstanding Contribution. Lastly, in 2016, she had NME Inspiration Award.