Check Out Dates For Sassa Payments For 2023-2024.


It’s that time of the month where the South African Social Security Agency(SASSA) releases payments for it’s various social grants.

Usually the dates of release of payments are published on various social media platforms of SASSA where the dates of Older Person’s grant, Disability grant, Children’s grant, Social Relief of Distress grant and others are displayed.

The following are sassa payments dates for the various social grants for 2023.

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Dates For SASSA Payments.

MAY 2023

Older Person’s Grant- 3rd May

Disability Grant- 4th May

Children’s Grant- 5th May

JUNE 2023

Older Person’s Grant- June 2

Disability Grant- June 5

Children’s Grant- June 6

JULY 2023

Older Person’s Grant- July 4

Disability Grant- July 5

Children’s Grant- July 6


Older Person’s Grant- August 2

Disability Grant- August 3

Children’s Grant- August 4


Older Person’s Grant- September 5

Disability Grant- September 6

Children’s Grant- September 7


Older Person’s Grant- October 3

Disability Grant- October 4

Children’s Grant- October 5


Older Person’s Grant- November 2

Disability Grant- November 3

Children’s Grant- November 6


Older Person’s Grant- December 1

Disability Grant- December 4

Children’s Grant- December 5


Older Person’s Grant- January 3

Disability Grant- January 4

Children’s Grant- January 5


Older Person’s Grant- February 2

Disability Grant- February 5

Children’s Grant- February 6

MARCH 2024

Older Person’s Grant- March 5

Disability Grant- March 6

Children’s Grant- March 7

The SASSA payments also covers the Social Relief Distress(SRD) r350 grant which is normally the next day after the Children’s Grant date.

If you haven’t applied yet you can do so with this link.

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