Susanna Thompson Parents: Who are the Hollywood actress’ parents?

Susanna Thompson Parents: Who are the Hollywood actress' parents?

Discover the interesting story of Susanna Thompson’s parents and how they influenced her life and career. Learn about her childhood, her path to becoming a successful actress, and the important role her family played along the way. Find out how their values shape who she is today. Join us as we explore the behind-the-scenes tale of this profound star and the impact her parents had on her journey.

Susanna Thompson Parents: Who are the Hollywood actress’ parents?

Susanna Thompson was born on the 27th of January, 1958 in sunny San Diego, California. Her parents, Norman and Nina Thompson, played significant roles in shaping her life.

Her father, Norman Thompson served his country in the United States Navy as a Chief Petty Officer. Although he wasn’t in films, his dedication to his work as an office manager influenced Susanna greatly. Her mother, Nina Thompson was the heart of the Thompson household. As a devoted homemaker, she lovingly cared for their seven children, providing the nurturing foundation for Susanna’s journey.

Susanna’s journey took her from the comfort of her family home to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. Her talent shone in films like, “Little Giants”, “Ghosts of Mississippi” and “Dragonfly”, as well as on television in shows like “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” and “Star Trek: Voyager.”

Throughout her rise to stardom, Susanna held onto the values instilled by Norman and Nina Thompson. Their love and support fueled her passion both on and off the screen.

In the world of Hollywood, Norman and Nina may not be household names, but their influence on Susanna’s life is immeasurable. They are the unsung heroes who laid the groundwork for their daughter to shine.

Susanna Thompson’s Siblings

The widely acclaimed actress grew up in a bustling household with six siblings. Their home was always filled with love, laughter, and the delightful chaos that comes with a large family. She was third among seven children.

Unfortunately, there is no further information about her siblings’ personal details including their names and occupations.

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Susanna Thompson’s Children

Susanna has been married for over four decades but she does not have any children. The decision to not have children is one she does not regret and she continues to thrive in her acting career.

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