Who is Nicci Taylor? Meet Stephen Tompkinson’s ex-wife.

Who is Nicci Taylor? Meet Stephen Tompkinson’s ex-wife: This article involves information about Nicci Taylor biography who happens to be the ex-wife of Stephen Tompkinson.

Stephen Tompkinson Biography

Stephen Tompkinson is an English actor from Stockton in England. The actor is widely known for starring in movies like DCI Banks, Wild at Heart, Brassed Off, Drop the Dead Don and Hurrigan just to mention few.

Stephen begun his acting career in the late 80’s where he joined the likes of Freddie Davis and Ken Goodwin in a short movie on Channel 4 titled Treacle. The actor gradually has climbed the success ladder over the years and also made a name for himself. He has some awards like winning the Best Comedy actor with Drop The Dead Donkey in 1994.

Mr. Tompkinson has been married four times but this particular article is about his second ex-wife Nicci Taylor.

Nicci Taylor Biography

Nicci Taylor is the second wife of English actor Stephen Tompkinson. Even though they’re no more together Nicci and Stephen met each other while shopping in the late 90’s. It was love at first sight so the two went for a date at Japanese Restaurant.

They dated for two years and later got married in 2001. The marriage lasted for six years and got divorced which brought for Daisy, their only child.

Nicci Taylor Age

Nicci Taylor is currently 55 years old.

Nicci Taylor Hometown

Nicci Taylor comes from Aberdeen, a town in Scotland.

Nicci Taylor Parents

Even though little is known about Nicci Taylor is very close to her mum Marlene whiles her dad’s name is unknown.

Nicci Taylor Siblings

Nicci has a sister named Olivia Taylor.

Nicki Taylor Net Worth

She has a net worth of about $1.5 million.