Who is Norman Kali? Meet Evangeline Lilly’s husband

Norman Kali is an American production assistant, directing assistant and actor who is best recognized as the husband of the famous actress Evangeline Lilly. He has worked on numerous projects on both big and small screens. Some of his works include The Boune, Undercovers, The Hobbit and The Prince of Motor, City.

Who is Norman Kali?

Kali is production assistant and a director assistant who sometimes doubles as an actor. He has 2 children with his wife. Norman moved to Hollywood at age 18 after dropping out of school and till date has been working to support his family. He currently resides together with his wife, Evangeline Lilly along with their kids in Hawaii, United States of America. Norman has decided to be a stay-home husband by putting his career on hold to cater for his kids whiles his wife works to help out. It is reported that Norman Kali was once in a relationship with Lisa Edelstein, the beautiful actress who starred in the Fox medical series, House MD and the bravo series, Girlfriends Guide to Divorce. Their relationship was short-lived for unknown reasons.

Noman Kali Age

Norman Kali was born in 1978, making him a 45 year old man presently but it’s very unclear the exact day and month on which he was born.

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Noran Kali Height

The husband of Evangeline Lilly, Norman Kali stands at a height of 178 cm or 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs 60 kg or 132 pounds.

Where is Norman Kali from?

Norman Kali was born and raised in Hawaii and as he aged, he moved to Los Angeles, United States of Amrica.

What does Norman Kali do for a living?

The Hawaiian is a production assistant and additionally, a director assistant on some sets.

How did Evangeline Lilly and Norman Kali meet?

Norman Kali, the husband of the famous actress Evangeline Lilly, met his partner on the set of the TV series Lost, where Evangeline played the leading role as Kate Austen. They got into a relationship from there and the couple have been together for over 10 years. Norman and Evangeline have two kids both being male.

Norman Kali Net Worth

According to online sources, Norman Kali is estimated to be worth more than 2 million dollars.