Evangeline Lilly’s son: Meet Kahekili Kali


Kahekili Kali, who is currently 12 years, is the son of the famous actress Evangeline Lilly and her husband, Norman Kali. His mother is a Canadian actress and author from Fort Saskatchewan, who has starred in several movies and TV series and has won so many awards and nominations. Norman Kali, his father, also works in the movie industry.

Evangeline Lilly’s son: Meet Kahekili Kali

Kahekili Kali is Canadian-American born on 21st May, 2011 with Gemini being his zodiac sign. He has another brother who was also born in October 2015. He was originally born at Hawaii, in the United States of America. His fame is as a result of the celebrity status of his parents especially the mother, Evangeline Lilly. His name Kahekili means “Thunder”. According to Lilly, she endured 30 hours of labor and 8 hours of pushing until Kahekili came. She is said to have been in a meditative state and so she felt less pain.

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He received his primary education at a private school in the United States and is still schooling. Due this reason, there is no record of his Net worth.

Kahekili’s father is much recognized by his works behind the camera, especially for the ABC hit series Lost of which, his mother was a cast. He was also present for the production of The Hobbit, 50 first dates, amongst others. His parents were rumored to have began a long-term relationship in 2010. Norman dropped out of school and moved to Hollywood at age 18 and has worked on numerous projects including working as a production assistant and as an assistant director.

In 2009. Kahekili’s mother Evangeline Lilly auctioned off customer lingerie in support of Task Brazil, non-profit organization dedicated to helping the lost street children of Brazil by providing them secure accommodation for them. She was also in the news in March 2020, when she refused to self-quarantined, saying she values her freedom over life.

It is reported that Lilly presently lives with her father who has a stage 4 Leukemia. Both parents of Kahekili are still together after over a decade of marriage.

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