Lolo Soetoro Bio, Age, Height Family and Net Worth  

Lolo Soetoro Bio, Age, Height Family and Net Worth  

Lolo Soetoro is best known as the stepfather of former United States President, Barack Obama. This post explores Lolo Soetoro biography, detailing his age, height, family and net worth. We will delve into various aspects of his life, providing a comprehensive view of who Lolo Soetoro was.

Lolo Soetoro Bio

Lolo Soetoro was born on the 2nd of January, 1935, in Indonesia. He pursued a career in geography and later worked for the Indonesian government. Lolo met Ann Dunham, Barack Obama’s mother, while she was studying in Hawaii. They married and moved to Indonesia, where they lived for several years. Lolo Soetoro’s influence on young Barack Obama during his formative years is well-documented.

Lolo Soetoro Age, Birthday and Zodiac Sign 

Lolo was born on the 2nd of January, 1935, making him a Capricorn. His zodiac sign is known for traits like discipline and responsibility, which were evident in his professional and personal life. 

Lolo Soetoro Height and Weight 

Information about Soetoro’s exact height and weight is not well-documented. However, he was known to be of average height and build, fitting the general profile of his profession as a geographer and a government worker.

Lolo Soetoro Ethnicity 

Lolo was of Indonesian ethnicity. His cultural background played a role in his life and in the upbringing of his family. This blend of Indonesian culture was a great influence on Barack Obama’s early years which gave him a diverse perspective on the world.

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Lolo Soetoro Parents 

Details about his parents are scarce. He was born into an Indonesian family, and his upbringing in Indonesia shaped much of his character and values.

Lolo Soetoro Siblings 

Information about Lolo’s siblings is limited. There are no widely available records detailing his family structure beyond his immediate family with Ann Dunham and Barack Obama.

Lolo Soetoro Children and GrandChildren 

Soetoro had one daughter, Maya Soetoro-Ng, with Ann Dunham. Maya has been an educationist and has worked at the University of Hawaii. She is also involved in various community and educational initiatives. 

Through his marriage to Ann Dunham, Lolo was a stepfather to Barack Obama, who would later become the 44th President of the United States.

Lolo Soetoro Cause of Death 

Lolo passed away on the 2nd of March, 1987, due to liver-related issues. Though he is no more, his influence remained evident in Obama’s later reflections on his childhood and upbringing.

Lolo Soetoro Net Worth 

There is no detailed information about his net worth but as a geographer and government employee in Indonesia, he had a stable income but did not accumulate wealth.

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