Who is Sebastian Bear-McClard? Meet Emily Ratajkowski’s ex-husband

Who is Sebastian Bear-McClard? Meet Emily Ratajkowski's ex-husband

Emily Ratajkowski’s ex-husband Is Sebastian Bear-McClard, an American film producer and actor known for his work in independent films and for his marriage to actress Emily Ratajkowski.

Sebastian Bear-McClard’s Biography

Sebastian Bear-McClard was not a famous personality till he married the well-known model, Emily Ratajkowski. They got married in February, 2018. 

He is an actor and producer of many films including, “Still Life(2006), Good Time(2017), Heaven Knows What(2014), There’s Nothing You Can Do, The Minority(2006),” and several other productions. He often collaborates with Elara Pictures bosses, Joshua and Ben Safdie to launch his films.

The “Uncut Gems” film producer has been recognized for many awards, prominent among them includes, Independent Spirit John Cassavetes Award, Independent Spirit Award for Best Feature and Gotham Independent Film Award for Best Feature. The Independent Spirit Award was established to recognise independent film producers.

Sebastian is the son of New York-based writer, photographer, media activist and film producer, Liza Bèar and Michael McClard, a well known artist in his time.

Sebastian Bear-McClard’s Age, Birthday and Zodiac sign

Emily Ratajkowski’s ex-husband was born on the 27th of March, 1987 under the zodiac sign, Aries. As of 2023, he is presently 36 years old. 

Emily Ratajkowski’s ex-husband’s Height

Bear-McClard has a height of five feet, nine inches which is equivalent to 1.81 metres.

What does Sebastian Bear-McClard do for a living?

Sebastian is a filmmaker and actor who is best known for “Bodies Bodies Bodies(2022), Good Time(2017), Uncut Gems(2019), Heaven Knows What(2014).”

Where is Sebastian Bear-McClard from?

The film producer hails from New York, in the United States of America.

How long was Sebastian Bear-McClard and Emily Ratajkowski together?

Sebastian and the popular Russian model were together for four years. They got married on the 23rd of February, 2018 and divorced in September, 2022 over Bear-McClard’s sexual misconduct. His marriage to Emily produced a son known as Sylvester Apollo Bear.

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Sebastian Bear-McClard’s Parents

Bear-McClard’s parents were quite active in the art world. His mother, Liza Bèar was a British filmmaker, writer, photographer and media activist who was based in New York. She graduated with a degree in Philosophy at the University of London. His father, Michael McClard on the other hand was also a well known artist in his time. He was born in the United States of America in 1947.

Sebastian Bear-McClard’s Net Worth 

The “Good Time(2017)” film producer has a net worth of $12 million. He accumulated this from his film making career.

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