Take A Look At The Custom-Made Lamborghini Urus 6×6 That Has Got Social Media Talking

custom-made-lamborghini-urus-6x61 of 1 Lamborghini Urus

Lamborghini has been in the business of producing some of the most sophisticated and high end cars made for the public for so may years. The most recent add-up to the collection is their flagship SUV the Lamborghini Urus. However there have been pictures and videos of a custom-made Lamborghini Urus seen on social media and it’s causing a social media frenzy.

When was the Lamborghini Urus first produced?

The Urus which is the first ever SUV produced by a sports car company was introduced in 2017 but started mass production in 2018. According to the sport car company they sold over 5,000 units in the year the car was launched interestingly, the number has increased significantly over recent years.

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A Look At The Custom-Made Lamborghini Urus 6×6.

The custom-made red Lamborghini Urus as mentioned earlier was seen by vlogger who owns a Youtube channel called Sliderz_Official. In the video you could see how long the SUV is as compared to the original Urus. This 6×6 version makes it 1of 1 in the world.

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Who owns the 6×6 Lamborghini Urus?

Even though much is not known about the car and it’s owner, it is believed that the owner is an rich Emirati who is planning on shipping it to the Arab nation. Check out the video below.