Meet Gianna Michelle Thompson, Christiana Evangeline’s Daughter.


Gianna Michelle Thompson is a child of the Saturday Night Live star, Kenan Thompson and actress Christina Evangeline. Gianni’s Dad is a renowned actor and comedian who has featured in some top notch TV shows. Her mom, Christina Evangeline is a model and an actress who starred in the comedy Mini Supreme.

Gianna Michelle Thompson’s parents married in November 2011 at Georgia Aquarium. The couple’s marriage hit the rock as they divorced in April 2022.

The celebrity kid has an older sister who’s a part of the famous family. She bears the name Georgia Marie Thompson. Gianni’s big sister was born on 20th June 2014 at New York. She is 8 years old.

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Meet Gianna Michelle Thompson, Christiana Evangeline’s Daughter.

Kenan Thompson with his daughters (Georgia, older and Gianna) on SNL posted may 29, 2020 stories from SNL: at home But the sweetest stories are about the cast members’ kids. For example, Kenan Thompson reflects on what it was like to watch his young daughter see herself with her dad in the show’s opening credits: “Watching my daughter watch herself in my intro on the show, she was just beaming. She just couldn’t stop smiling that, I mean, I could’ve cried watching that,” he says. “To see what you do immediately impact your child like that, that was a very touching moment.”

Gianna Michelle Thompson is a part of celebrity kids  having both parents being famous in the entertainment industry. She was on born on August 2014 in the United States of America and is 4 years old. She is the second and youngest child of Christiana Evangeline and Kenan Thompson. 

Gianna’s mom Christina Evangeline was born on 24th March 1989 and is a Canadian-American born in Halifax, Nova Scotia in Canada. The celebrity kid’s mom is allegedly dating Chris Redd a colleague actor of her Ex husband Kenan who also featured in the TV show Saturday Night Live. This is after the couple’s marriage ended sadly.

Gianna Michelle Thompson’s mom Christina Evangeline is known to be actively involved in charity work , helping vulnerable communities and has a nonprofit organization called Evermore.


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