Michael B. Jordan’s siblings: Meet Khalid Jordan And Jamila Jordan


Michael B. Jordan’s siblings are Jamila Jordan and Khalid Jordan. The two have been exposed to fame as a result of their brother’s distinguished performance in movie roles and elite movie. The Creed movie star was born on February 9, 1987 at Santa Ana, California in the United States of America to Michael A. Jordan and Donna Jordan. Being the second child of his parents, the superstar decided to take a career in entertainment. Michael B. Jordan’s journey to fame began at a very young age after taking his first career as a model. In 1999, he ventured into acting. He got featured in the drama The Sopranos and Black and White. He has since then appeared in some grand movies like The Wire, Friday Night Lights, Parenthood, Creed, Black Panther and many others.

Michael B. Jordan’s siblings


Michael B. Jordan’s siblings are two, an older sister Jamila and a younger brother Khalid. Michael is the second child amongst his siblings with their parents being Michael A. Jordan and Donna Jordan.

Khalid Jordan

Amongst Michael B Jordan’s siblings, Khalid Jordan is the youngest and the second brother amongst the siblings. He was born on October 9, 1992 in the United States of America.He is 30 years old.

He was a footballer at Howard University in 2010.

Jamila Jordan

Jamila Jordan is Michael B Jordan’s sibling who happens to be the eldest born of the Jordans. She is as well the only sister of the American actor. The Black Panther star’s sister has also taken a career in the movie industry. She’s an actress, producer and director just like her brother Michael. She has starred in movies like Glam Masters (2018), Ink Master (2012) and First Date (2012).

Jamila Jordan’s net worth is approximately $600,000.

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