Oscar Isaac’s Children: Meet Mads Isaac and Eugene Isaac

Oscar Isaac is a Hollywood actor and singer, legally born with the name Oscar Isaac Hernandez Estrada and hails from Guatemala but was raised in Miami, Florida, USA. He is married to Elvira Lind, a film producer and a screenwriter.

Oscar Isaac’s children are two, Eugene Isaac and Mads Isaac. The American actor is 43 years of age and he is popularly known for featuring in some top notch movies in the world like Balibo and the Nativity Story.

Eugene and Mads Isaac

Oscar Isaac’s children, Eugene and Macs Isaac are the American actor’s only children with his wife Elvira Lind. Eugene Isaac is the oldest whilst Macs Isaac is the youngest son. They are all Americans by birth.


Eugene Isaac

Eugene, the eldest son of the American actor Oscar Isaac and Elvira Lind was born at Williamsburg ,Brooklyn, New York on 17th April 2017. He was born few months after his parents got married. The five year old celebrity child also known as Nan was named after his late grandmother’s middle name. She was called Maria Eugenia Estrada Nicolle.

Eugene came into the limelight when reports about the alleged relationship between his father Oscar and American actress Jessica Chastain circulated widely. He is currently enrolled in an elementary school.

Mads Isaac

Mads Isaac, 3 years old is the youngest son of celebrities Oscar Isaac and Elvira Lind. He was born on October 2019 at Williamsburg Brooklyn, New York. His older brother is Eugene Isaac. Mads is an American celebrity child who has effortlessly risen to stardom due to both of his parents being celebrities. He is currently not enrolled in any school, but he is homeschooling.

Oscar Isaac’s children have indeed been exposed to fame at an early age of their lives through their Dad’s role played in the movie industry as an actor.


By Carlita