Scarlett Pomers Biography: Where Is She Now?

Scarlett Pomers Biography: Where Is She Now?

Scarlett Pomers is an American actress and singer who is well known for her role as “Kyra Hart” on the television series, “Reba”.

Scarlett Pomers Biography

Scarlett Pomers began her acting career at a young age and gained early recognition for her role as “Naomi Wildman” on the television series, “Star Trek: Voyager”. However, she is best known for her portrayal of “Kyra Hart”, the daughter of Reba McEntire’s character, on the sitcom, “Reba”.

Other films and television series where she has appeared in include “The Baby-Sitters Club”, “Erin Brockovich”, “Happy, Texas”, “Step by Step”, “The Secret World of Alex Mack”, “Chicken Soup for the Soul”, “Hang Time”, “All About Us”, “A Ring of Endless Light” and several others.

In addition to her acting career, Pomers has pursued music. She is a singer-songwriter and has released her own music. She is the brain behind the SCARLETT BRAND which played at venues such as House of Blues, Club One-Seven and many other places. Some of her songs include “Insane(2010)”, “It’s a Long Way to the Top(if You Wanna Rock n Roll) 2010” and many others.

Scarlett Pomers’ Age, Birthday and Zodiac Sign 

The “Abigail Leski” character in “That’s Life(2001)” was born on the 28th of November, 1988 under the zodiac sign, Sagittarius. As of 2023, she is 35 years old.

Is Scarlett Pomers Married?

Scarlett is not married and there is no information as to whether she is in a relationship currently. However, it is speculated that she had been in a relationship with fellow actor, Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

Do Scarlett Pomers have children?

No. The “Star Trek: Voyager” actress does not have any children. 

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Where is Scarlett Pomers?

Pomers has been out of the spotlight for a while now. She is said to have been treating anorexia nervosa, a eating disorder characterised by low weight, food restriction, body image disturbances and so on. She had a weight of 32 kilograms and was said to be underweight. Currently, there is no indication of where she is now.

Scarlett Pomers’ Net Worth 

The popular American actress, singer and songwriter presently has a networth of two million United States dollars($2m USD). She accumulated this sum from her acting and music career.

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