Who is Anna Chancellor’s husband? Meet Redha Debbah

Redha Debbah is the husband of Anna Chancellor, the beautiful british actress. Anna has starred in several genres of movies and films. Redha gained popluarity after getting married to Anna. They have been marie

Redha Debbah’s Bio

Redha Debbah is an Algerian born. He was born in 1972. Redha was a minicab chauffeur who got married to the sensational British actress Anna Chancellor. They have got married in 2010 and have been together for over 13 years. Some reports say that Anna is seven years older than Redha. They have no children together.

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Redha Debbah’s Age

Mr. Debbah was born in 1972 making him 51 years presently. His exact day of birth is being kept private from the media space.

Redha Debbah’s Height

Redha Debbah is reported to stand at a height of 5ft 8inches and weighs about 68kg.

Redha Debbah’s Education

There is no report or information reporting about the educational background of the husband of the british actress.

How long has Redha Debbah and Anna been together?

Redha and Anna got married in 2010 and are reported to be enjoying their marriage life since they are still together.

How many children does Redha Debbah and Anna have?

Redha Debbah and his wife Anna Chancellor do not have any child together as a couple. Anna has children from her previous marriage.

Redha Debbah’s Net Worth

The husband of the sensational actress Anna Chancellor, has an estimated net worth of over $800,000.

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