Who is Kim In-hyeok? Bio, Age, Height, Cause of Death, Family, Net Worth

Kim In-hyeok is an athlete who was born in South Korea. He played volleyball for several college teams before turning into a professional player. He was found dea in his room by police after being bullied in the internet about his looks.

Kim In-hyeok’s Bio

Kim In-hyeok was born at Gimhae-si, South Korea. He was born on July 14. He was a graduate. Kim played volleyball for Gyeongnam University of Science and Technology before joining Korea Electric Power Corporation’s Big Storm during the 2017-2018 season’s junior raft. With his outstanding talent, Kim In-hyeok was selected into the professional mens’ volleyball league as a top 3 pick by the Suwon KEPCO Vixtorm after amassing attention as an ace during his college years. Later he was transferred to the Samsung Fire & Marine Bluefangs team in 2020. His professional career went downhill due to his injuries. In December 2021, he left the team and stayed at home to treat his injuries.

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Kim In-hyeok’s Age

The South Korean native was born on 14th July, 1995. He would have been 28years in 2023.

Kim In-hyeok’s Height

Kim In-hyeok, the left striker of the Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance Bluefang’s male professional volleyball team, stood at a height of 6ft 4inches tall.

What is Kim In-hyeok cause of death

The exact cause of dead hasn’t been disclosed by the police that were investigating the death but it could be attributed to hateful comments and backlashes he was receiving from both supporters and opponent teams concerning his looks. Some people were making mockery of the player by saying he looked very feminine and that he applied makeup before every game.

Kim In-hyeok’s Parents

The names and identity of the parents of the player was and is still kept private. Kim tried as much as possible to make his family and other matters private.

Kim In-hyeok’s Siblings

There hasn’t been any report pointing to anyone as a sibling of Kim In-hyeok.

Kim In-hyeok Net Worth

The Korean volleyball player had an estimated Networth of over $6million dollars.

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