Who is James Barriscale? All you need to know about Tanya Franks’ husband

James Barriscale is an Actor, voice actor, writer, director who was born on 11 May, 1969 in United States. As an actor he has appeared in many TV Shows including Banana, WPC 56, The Coroner, Aliens vs Wizards and Messiah. He is married to Tanya Franks. The two have no child together yet.

James Barriscale’s Bio

James Barriscale was born in the United States on 11th August, 1969. He graduated from Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. James was born to an Irish father and his mother was from Devon, London. There are no articles or reports mentioning other relatives of James. He is very private and personal about his life and activities.

James Barriscale’s Age

Mr. James was born on 11th May, 1969 making him 54years presently. His zodiac sign is Taurus.

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James Barriscale’s Height

The height of the James Barriscale is 5ft 10inches.

James Barriscale’s Education

James Barriscale schooled at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School and graduated in 1993.

How long has James Barriscale and Tanya been together?

There are no articles available indicating the time of marriage between James and Tanya but sources closer to the couple says they have been married for over five years.

How many children does James Barriscale and Tanya have together?

James Barriscale and Tanya Franks after being married for quite a while do no have any child together.

James Barriscale’s Net Worth

James Barriscale’s net worth is approximated to be around $5million. His source of income is attributed to his wonderful acting career.

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